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Anastasia is a compassionate and dedicated individual who is thrilled to be joining Rockland County Counseling. Currently pursuing a master’s degree in clinical social work at Rutgers University, Anastasia brings a wealth of academic knowledge and a deep commitment to helping others thrive.


"Our wounds are not a reflection of our worthiness, but rather a call for our attention and healing.”
- Caroline Myss


Her undergraduate education in sociology allows her the ability to understand the nuances of human behavior while recognizing the interconnectedness of personal struggles with broader societal challenges. She utilizes cognitive behavioral therapy, mindfulness, systems theory, and somatic therapy to curate an approach to therapy that is as unique as her clients.

Outside of the classroom, Anastasia has been exploring the ancient wisdoms of Yoga and Reiki. In 2015 she completed her 200 hour Vinyasa Yoga certification and fell in love with teaching. It was through these transformative experiences that she became fascinated by the ways subtle energies impact the mind and body. Three years later she became a Reiki Master and has since been devoted to approaching mental health in a way that honors the concept of universal oneness. She first met the intersection of mental health and yoga while living in Florida where she provided trauma informed, evidence based yoga to underserved populations. This is where she learned that being in service to others requires continuous self reflection and evolution. 


Anastasia is devoted to making therapy not only accessible, but digestible. With unwavering attention, she is committed to creating an environment where you feel seen, heard, and validated. She looks forward to working with you on your path towards healing, self discovery, and growth!

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