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I am a New York State licensed latino social worker with a graduate degree from Fordham University. As a psychotherapist i have over five years of experience working with documented/undocumented immigrant families, trauma, anxiety, substance abuse, Bipolar I &II, Schizophrenia, ODD and Depression with individuals with an age range of 3 to 83 years of age. I incorporate a holistic approach to therapy to meet individuals and families where they are at. I provide a judgement free zone approach to all issues while incorporating evidence based practices and techniques such as Cognitive behavior therapy, DBT and mindfulness meditation. 


“The good we secure for ourselves is precarious and uncertain until it is secured for all of us and incorporated into our common life.”
- Jane Addams


My modalities and areas of therapy include: Marriage-counseling, individual therapy, Cognitive Challenging, Cognitive, Refocusing, Cognitive Reframing, Communication Skills, Compliance Issues, DBT, Exploration of Coping Patterns, Exploration of Emotions, Exploration of Relationship Patterns, Guided Imagery, Interactive Feedback, Interpersonal Resolutions, Mindfulness Training, Preventative Services.

A better future starts now with you. You are your own best therapist because you know your issues more than anyone else on this Earth and with that also the solutions. Let’s reach those solutions together and foster good mental health.

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