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  • Do you take insurance?
    Yes! (With some caveats.) For psychotherapy clients, I work with Alma to do my billing. They are constantly updating their offerings, but currently are able to accept insurance from Aetna, Cigna, United Health Care, Oscar, Oxford Health Plans, Medicare, and Empire BCBS. If you are not in-network with one of these plans, you can pay out of pocket and I will provide you with a superbill that you can submit to your insurance company for reimbursement through your out of network benefits. I am not able to accept insurance for life coaching or workshop clients.
  • What’s the difference between life coaching and psychotherapy?
    Psychotherapy generally focuses on untangling your thought patterns to reframe certain perspectives. You may be working on processing childhood trauma, coping with anxiety, or other more complex emotional issues. Life coaching tends to be focused on practical steps you can take to make a change in your life. This frequently includes career transitions or deciding to go back to school, moving large distances, having a child, getting through a recent health diagnosis, etc. Life coaching is great for building new habits or routines, setting and achieving goals, or coping with a specific event or challenge in your life.
  • What should I do if I can’t make my appointment?
    If you’re just running a little bit late, I always wait 15 minutes before charging you for the full session fee. As long as you reach out 48 hours before your appointment, we can cancel or reschedule with no charge.
  • How do I know if I’m ready for therapy or life coaching?
    If you’re experiencing chronic burnout, are committed to making a change, or can’t imagine staying in the same mental-emotional state anymore, it may be time to give therapy or life coaching a try! When you’re sick and tired of falling into the same patterns and cycles, ready to break free and make new choices, and you’re ready to commit to making a change in your life, then you’re ready for therapy or coaching.
  • How can I get the most of my therapy or coaching?
    The most important thing is for you to be ready to commit to doing the work. If you have that inner motivation and focus to do the work outside of sessions, you’ll truly be getting the full value of the work we do together. I like to assign ‘homework’ so taking the time to make sure your worksheets, journal entries, or recommended reading is complete before we see each other again will be very helpful in making progress together.
  • How should I prepare for online therapy or coaching?
    If this is your first time in therapy or your first time having your session online, it can be a little uncomfortable when you don’t know what to expect. That’s totally fine! Let’s go over a few things that may be helpful. ​ Before your appointment: ​ Try to set up your computer five minutes beforehand. That way you have time to work through any potential technical issues. Be comfortable! Wear cozy clothes, have water or tea nearby. Maybe eat a snack and use the bathroom beforehand so you don’t need to interrupt your session. Find a private room where you won’t be interrupted. Silence your phone and turn off the TV so that you’re not distracted during your appointment. ​ During your appointment: ​ Online therapy is always offered through a secure, private, HIPAA-compliant video conferencing platform. Your therapist will be in a private room where no one else can hear what you discuss. Feel free to be 100% open and honest! Ask questions! If there’s something you don’t understand, or you’re not sure what to talk about, I am happy to make suggestions or explain concepts more clearly. Try not to get distracted by notifications on your computer. I will always give you 100% of my attention and not answer emails, take phone calls, text, or surf the web during our appointments. Please commit to doing the same so that you can get the most possible support out of your session. (We understand that emergencies happen! If the house is on fire, a child or furbaby is injured, Rebel troops storm your secret base, or something else important comes up, please go take care of it to keep yourself and your loved ones safe.)

"What's more important than the intensity of the challenge you face in life is how you relate to yourself in the midst of it.”
- Kristen Neff

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